Stina (nosredep) wrote,

For the few who actually read this

Brendan and I are in Napa, California. We spent the day touring San Francisco with my aunt and uncle and I am in love with that city. There are several creative writing MFA programs there, so that will be a top pick once I start applying. I plan to apply next year for programs starting in 2011. I'm going to apply to schools all around the country. What's considered "good" writing is so subjective, I don't want to limit my choices in the beginning in case I don't get in to very many programs. The Creative Writing MFA Handbook recommends applying to 8-12 schools, or more if you can afford it.

Tomorrow we set out for Manila to visit our friend Silas. It's 263 miles from here, and we don't usually try to go that far of a distance in one day. But we're going to try and just camp somewhere if we don't make it there before dark. The fact that we're staying up this late isn't going to help us get an early start tomorrow, but eh. It's nice to have free and unlimited access to the internet here at my cousin's place, and we'll leave when we leave. That's not the most profound thing I've ever said.

Two or three nights in Manila (depending on if we get all the way there tomorrow), one night in Florence, OR, one night in Portland, OR (reminder to self: call Portland cousin and friend), and then we're in Seattle! We're getting so close now I feel like I can practically taste Seattle. I really love Seattle. I miss it. Not just Seattle, but all our friends, and my family. I miss my mama and daddy. I miss my sister and Katie. I can't wait to see everyone, and I can't wait to visit some of our favorite neighborhoods and restaurants and parks. I just wish we had a home of our own to come back to.
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