Stina (nosredep) wrote,

In New Orleans

Brendan and I are going to stay in New Orleans for a few months and try to get really good at busking. This seems to be a great place to learn and while the process will be hard and filled with unsuccess, we'll come out better at the end. We're thinking we'll stay through Marti Gras (brief interlude in Wisconsin for Christmas) and then somehow jet to the San Francisco area for a writing conference called Potlatch 18 where Ursula K. Le Guin is a featured guest.

This is good. We like it here and like feeling somewhat settled. Jocelyn's group of friends are good people with similar interests to ours, though they're all med students. I'm still offering to send postcards to anyone who sends me their address, whether in a comment or by emailing me at

Have you been reading our blog? Shame on you if you haven't. Go to to find the link. The website will be up...someday. I hope.

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