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I haven't posted in rather a long while, and my last post was just an ad, so here's an actual blog.

I'm at work right now, at the credit union, and it's lovely slow here. Apparently this is what summers are like. Our members are either on vacation or too busy with their kids or maybe just enjoying the finally nice weather. I certainly don't mind. It gives me time to do this, check my email, play Mythos, test my vocab at, and basically just putz around.

Brendan and I borrowed "Charmed" from my supervisor and we are trying to get through all 8 seasons before we leave in October. We just finished season 2. It's good, though not as insightful or clever as BtVS or other Joss Whedon shows. But it's not Joss Whedon, so I shouldn't be surprised. We've also been playing basketball a lot lately. I'm getting better the more we play, though Brendan still beats me by upwards of 40 points. Sometimes both courts at the park near our place are being used, but then we can usually join in with whomever is playing, thereby fostering positive relations with our neighbors. Go Beacon Hill!

I have a part-time nanny/househelper gig now. I go out to West Seattle a couple times a week or so to either watch a 7 and 9 year old, or help the mom with whatever tasks she assigns me. Last week this meant a morning filled with soup-making and gardening, so that was easy and fun. The nine year old makes the kid-watching part more of a challenge. She can be really fun but also very defiant and bratty and occasionally makes me not want to ever have children.

I learned how to knit! So far I've just made hats (oh, and a pair of leg-warmers), but I'm going to try and make socks next. Neal and Lena have both been very helpful in my knitting endeavors. I prefer knitting to crocheting, but I think that's partly because I have knitting buddies and good knitting patterns, and I never really followed patterns with crocheting. Also, knitting in public sparks conversations with strangers. An old woman several weeks ago stared ardently at my knitting and said she wished she knew how to knit and was it hard to learn? and oh how very nice that I know how to knit. A man named Tony on Mercer Island said he used to crochet and would like to learn how to knit and he told me I should read Dune because it's very good.

I'm getting better and better and juggling. I just need to remember to practice a little every day. I'm diligently trying to get rid of things. I have a posting for some doll outfits on Craigslist that finally got a response, so hopefully those will be gone soon. I have some still-in-the-box barbies I will probably trying selling on Craigslist too. And I'm mowing Trina and John's lawn every other week. I love making money by doing outdoor activities and tasks.

I just started reading "Changing Planes," a book of short stories by Ursula LeGuin. And I just finished reading "The Good Fairies of New York," a book Brendan's parents gave him for Christmas. It was very enjoyable. Oh, and this is to Meredith: if you are going to attempt a Jane Austen novel and have previously been unable to really get into them, I encourage you to try Northanger Abbey. It's by far the most comical of all her books and the main character is delightfully flawed.

I miss having a pet. Last night when Brendan and I were walking home from the park, there were two small dogs on the corner a street up from our apartment. They were so friendly and loveable and adorable and one of them had such thick curly fur it felt like petting a sheep. Speaking of farm animals, the Evergreen State Fair is once more coming up and everyone should come root for me at the Apple Pie Tasteoff. One of my previous pies is pictured on the Contests page of the fair website. I'm not sure what my pie will look like this year, but you can bet I will again attempt to win the "Best Presentation" ribbon. Have I ever mentioned I LOVE the fair? I think I will enter some other food categories this year. $$ prizes, for those, though the amount is trifling.

Last night I dreamt my brother was competing in the jumper class in a horse show and I was so surprised by this because he is a dirt-bike racer and I wondered how he and Naomi found the time for her to teach him to ride. And then there was a monkey going over the jumps with him. My whole night was filled with vivid dreams like that, which is unusual for me.

This weekend will be busy and fun. Nikki's birthday party on Friday, Alissa's housewarming on Saturday, and maybe Pride stuff on Sunday? I don't know yet. Tomorrow is laundry day at my parents' house, and good quality time with my mom. And maybe tonight Brendan and I will see an animation fest movie in the U-district. I hope we do.

Farewell for now.
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